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Custom Shop Accessories Op Rod Tab, Trigger Group Spline and Parts Refinishing
Bedding Action to StockCustom Shop AccessoriesOp Rod Tab, Trigger Group Spline and Parts Refinishing
Bedding USGI wood or fiberglass stocks to a non-lugged action- Includes front ferrule modification, bedding the receiver to the stock with full contact with stock, setting proper front band tension, test fire. Pillar and screws are additional on...

Our custom shop offers a large selection of accessories for our shop customers, but not for retail sale. We offer discounted prices on the following accessories. 1. Seekins Rings 2. Spuhr Rings 3. Kahles, Leupold, Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender...

If you have a CMP or other M14 parts kit that is in need of repair, we have put together a complete service package to address the needs of our customers who have us build rifles on their CMP M14 parts kit. Our Service includes re-tabbing your op...




Remington 700 BLUE PRINTING
Remington 700 BLUE PRINTINGSchedule Your Shop Services

Wolfe Precision MFG presents the BENTON BLUE PRINTING METHOD for Bolt Action Rifles For Remington 700 and Winchester 70 The Benton blue printing process has turned into a great success. Some of the highlights are below: 1. Bored raceway for "Zero...

We have had such an increase in custom rifle work over the past two years, our turn-around time has been getting longer and longer. In order to streamline this process, I'm offering our customers new options to schedule their shop services ahead...