RUBIN Modified M14 USGI Wood Stock

The RUBIN™ is the newest addition to our modified USGI stocks.  This version has an industrial strength rubberized texture, that is extremely tough, yet soft and pliable.  All stocks are dyed in basic matte black.  The base stock is a Birch or Walnut USGI stock that is sealed and coated with a moisture resistant primer and then coated with a rubberized industrial adhesive.  This adhesive binds permanently with the wood fibers and provides a super-grip surface that it is extremely durable, but soft to the touch and light weight.


The RUBIN™ is short for rubber industrial because the heart and soul of this new stock is its rubberized industrial strength coating.

The stock can be further customized by bedding to the receiver or by using specialized coatings such as Cerakote or other ceramic or epoxy based coatings. 

RUBIN Modified M14 USGI Wood Stock
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  • Item #: RUBIN-1
  • Manufacturer: Wolfe Precision Manufacturing LLC
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