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Excellent USGI Synthetic Stock M14 MOD-FIB LW GEN II STOCK RUBIN Modified M14 USGI Wood Stock
Excellent USGI Synthetic StockM14 MOD-FIB LW GEN II STOCKRUBIN Modified M14 USGI Wood Stock
This is a small lot of USGI synthetic stocks I recently picked up. They are solid and ready for use.

If you plan to use your M14 rifle in harsh, humid, or corrosive environment and want a high quality stock that will handle well, is relatively light weight and is tough as nails, look no farther than our modified USGI sythetic stock. There are...

The RUBIN™ is the newest addition to our modified USGI stocks. This version has an industrial strength rubberized texture, that is extremely tough, yet soft and pliable. All stocks are dyed in basic matte black. The base stock is a Birch or...





Versa Pod 150-807 M14/M1A Rail Adapter The model 807 is a 3.25" long Mil Std 1913 Picatinny rail adapter for the M14. A 1.63" sling loop is also attached. Milled channel allows residual gas to bleed off from gas vent port. SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg...