M14 Parts Kit

We put this parts kit together several years ago with CMP kits.  Now we are pleased to offer this parts kit from Bula Defense.  All parts are made in the US and are manufactured to exacting standards. 


Operating Rod
Op Rod Spring Guide - NM Style
Op Rod Spring
Connector Pin
Connector Lock
Op Rod Guide
Op Rod Guide Pin
USGI Style Flash Hider w/ bayonet lug
Flash Hider Castle Nut
Flash Hider Castle Nut Set Screw
Rear Sight
Front Sight
Front Band
Clip Guide
Clip Guide Pin
Complete Trigger Group
Bolt Parts Kit - Milled Extractor, hard chrome firing pin
Bolt Stop Kit
Forged Gas Cylinder
Spindle Valve Kit
Gas Piston - Nitride
Gas Lock
Gas plug

M14 Parts Kit
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  • Item #: M1485KT
  • Manufacturer: Bula Defense
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